So who am I?

Straight Design is the brainchild of Andrew Bass, Jr. 
Always a creative thinker as a child, he just seemed to know that he’d grow up to be a storyteller. Andrew has spent over twenty years honing his creativity in the areas of visual identity, publication and book design, marketing communications, digital design and art direction. Andrew led various art departments at businesses like Essence Communications, McGraw-Hill, Earl G. Graves, Ltd., CMP Media and Nielsen Business Media.
Past clientele have included Jill Scott's Blues Babe Foundation, Screen Consultants, B.V., Urban League Long Island and Philadelphia, HeartShare Human Services of NY as well as the Village of Hempstead Community Development Agency.
Andrew Bass, Jr. / Principal Creative
Paying it forward

Andrew believes in sharing his knowledge with the next generation of designers and has been an adjunct instructor at NYC College of Technology on and off since 2005. He was a past participant in the AIGA Mentor program with the HS of Art and Design in NY for several years as well as a former member of the AIGA Diversity + Inclusion Task Force. 
His creative solutions have garnered multiple awards from the likes of The Azbees, The Ozzies, Neal Awards, EXCEL and GD:USA. His work has been published in Layers magazine and in Rockport’s LogoLounge.
To get a better insight about Andrew, you can visit his blog, Soulful Design, where he shares his musings about graphic design and other creative worlds with a special eye towards designers of color.